I am an artist, photographer & surface pattern designer living in central Maryland on a beautiful farm where we have been raising alpacas for over 2 decades.  Combining all of my passions in one place, I have a studio on the farm where the animals and natural environment inspire me daily.

For me, art and design give the ability to pause, appreciate the world around me, and look for beauty in the everyday.  Painting in particular brings me a sense of joy, abundance, and a break from the chaos of life. 

My goal is to bring that same sense of abundance and beauty into the lives of those who view my work, creating an environment where clamor fades and joy and inspiration thrive.




Growing up I was that “artsy” kid.  Ya know, the one whose happy place involved various combinations of glue, glitter, markers, popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, and stickers.  Seriously... so. many. stickers.  In the summer you wouldn’t find me selling lemonade from our neighborhood sidewalk, but friendship bracelets and beaded key chains.  Looking back, being an entrepreneur artist and maker has been in my bones from the beginning!

When I was 10, my family decided to start a new adventure, left the suburbs and moved to a farm to start raising alpacas.  As you might imagine many things about my life changed, but my love of all things art and design did not.  If anything, being surrounded by nature, and animals who are full of personality, just gave me more inspiration to draw from. 

As the years went by I explored many styles and media, everything from fiber arts and basket weaving, to photography and graphic design.  I had many wonderful teachers along the way, but most of my learning process was self driven fueled by curiosity, determination and a fair amount of trial and error.    

The first piece of artwork I ever sold (just out of high school) was a portrait commission in pastel of 5 Doberman Pinchers.  Was pastel animal portraiture something I thought I would be doing?  No, no it was not.  But the opportunity was there and as it turned out, there were many more animal portraits in my future!   

Pastels animal portraiture wasn’t the only opportunity to come along.  Over the next decade I produced works in acrylic, pen & ink and mixed media as well as work as a photographer and logo/ad designer...  All while moving back and forth across the country several times and running a farm business which, among other things, exported livestock internationally.  It was a crazy season, but one of much growth and exploration.

In 2017 I developed chronic pain in my wrists and arms making gripping painful and limiting my ability to work with a brush or pen.  Since all of my previous work involved high detail with a brush or pen this posed a bit of a challenge. Enter finger painting.  What started as a creative experiment (mostly out of frustration), turned into a whole new artistic outlet.  I’ve found that I not only enjoy the tactile experience of applying paint with my fingers, but it also turned out to be a technique that relieves the strain on my wrists.  

The unique style created by this technique has also resonated with a broad range of collectors!  My current work has been featured in magazines, licensed for projects ranging from the front of buildings to personal tattoos, and is currently brightening boutique shops and homes all over the United States and abroad. 

Both my art practice and entrepreneur skills have come a long way since my days of selling beaded key chains to my (extremely kind...) childhood neighbors! 

While a large part of my art practice is currently focused on exploring finger painting techniques, I still work in many styles and media, creating not only original art works, but accessories, home decor and other products designed to bring inspiration and joy into your everyday.


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You can keep up with all my current projects on FaceBook and Instagram.  Btw, I also post pictures of the baby alpacas...  Just say'n ;)